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    Women used this medication to increase interest in sex. It also treats women with low sexual desire or generalized hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women. It activates melanocortin receptors. Though the mechanism on how it improves sexual drive is yet to be known. The most common side effects are nausea and vomiting, flushing, injection site reaction, and headache. After dosing, increased blood pressure happens which usually resolved within 12 hours.


    CJC-1295 NO-DAC

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    CJC 1295 are examples of peptides that are now produced synthetically that can increase your plasma growth hormone levels. It is also known as DAC: GRF that stands for Drug Affinity Complex, and GRF stands for growth hormone-releasing factor. CJC 1295 has been used by professional athletes for its benefits and very minimal side effects to enhance their performance in the competition and in the gym. The main side effects here are present as the growth hormone relates to the stimulation of the pituitary gland. This leads to an increase in muscle strength, fat metabolism, and muscular mass.

    If you are going to use CJC 1295 without DAC, you will get shorter spikes of Growth Hormone release throughout the day.


    Epithalon 10mg

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    Epithalon is a synthetic peptide, a telomerase activator and putative anti-aging drug. It is a tetrapeptide that function to prevent gene degradation near the end of chromosomes. It works to replenish the enzyme that allows telomerase stabilized and better equipped to hold DNA in place. It has the benefit of slowing down the aging process and it works very effectively. Epithalon and epithalamin appear to restore melatonin secretion by the pineal gland. It also produced a positive clinical effect of 90% cases in a treated gro


    GHRP-6 5mg

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    GHRP-6 also known as growth hormone-releasing hexapeptide, developed for its growth hormone-releasing activity. It increases the growth hormone (GH) level in the body but also triggers the IGF-1 levels in the process. It also aids in muscle gain and in some instances leads to fat loss as well. Therefore, it makes a good option during the cutting cycle as well as help lose the extra pounds. These peptides online also act as an anti-inflammatory agent protecting the muscle during the recovery period. Lastly, it strengthens your immune system due to the release of IGF-1s.


    GnRH (Triptorelin) 2mg

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    GnRH (Triptorelin) 2mg
    GnRH (Triptorelin) 2mg quantity
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    Triptorelin is a decapeptide synthetic analogue gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). It decreases pituitary secretion of gonadotropins luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which decreases testosterone levels. Triptorelin is also used in the treatment of hormone-responsive cancers such as prostate cancer or best cancer, estrogen-dependent conditions and in assisted reproduction. It treats the symptoms of prostate cancer but not the cancer itself. Moreover, doctors also use this medication for gender


    Hexarelin 2mg

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    Examorelin or also known as hexarelin is a synthetic, six-amino0acid compound, potent peptide and highly selective agonist of growth hormone secretagogue receptor and a growth hormone (GH) secretagogue. It stimulates the release GH both in vitro and in vivo. When compared with ghrelin, hexarelin is chemically more stable and functionally more potent. Therefore, it may be a promising therapeutic agent for some cardiovascular conditions. Studies showed that intravenous administration of these peptides online produces a substantial and dose-dependent increase in growth hormone plasma concentrations. Other studies show that the effects of hexarelin on GH release in adults has been for 15 days.


    IGF-1-LR3 1mg

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    IGF-1 LR is a major hormonal mediator of statural growth. IGF stands for (Insulin-like Growth Factor) which typically comes in a 1 mg vial. LR3 Is a synthetic protein and lengthened analogue of human insulin-like growth factor 1. It will affect bone and muscle growth and repair of the muscles just as how other peptide does its work. It works together effectively with growth hormone. Under regular circumstances, GH (growth hormone) binds to its receptor in the liver, and other tissues, and stimulates the synthesis/secretion of IGF-1. Both works and produce similar results, however, IGF-1 does it faster for those who respond to it. GH has some additional benefits like overall body rejuvenation, smoother skin, hair growth and others, which makes it among the preferred peptide by anti-aging users.


    IGF-DES 1mg

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    This peptide is a naturally occurring, endogenous protein and truncated analogue of insulin-like growth factor 1. It is one of the most potent natural peptides in creating hyperplasia in the body. Moreover, it stimulates the proliferation and survival of various cell types including muscle, bone and cartilage tissue in vitro. This highly anabolic hormone is released from the liver as a response to secretions of human growth hormone in the body.